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Especially for IndiHome customers, get the convenience of automatically accessing the seamless@wifi.id network throughout Indonesia for only IDR 10,000 / month / device. Get the convenience of staying connected to the internet outside the home by connecting to all wifi.id networks automatically. seamless (automatic).

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Postpaid Benefits for IndiHome customers

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Seamless / Autoconnect

Enough once to fill in the username and password during the subscription

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With unlimited bandwidth you are free to browse the internet

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How to Pay Practically

Enter Indihome bill


Download MyIndiHome Application

Enjoy the convenience of internet services outside your home with a wide coverage of more than 100K hotspots and 6K wifi.id corners with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

IndiHome subscribers, buy seamless add-on immediately in the myIndiHome application and enjoy the convenience of using wifi.id services throughout Indonesia.

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