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Value Added Service (VAS) is an additional service on a wifi device or hotspot or access point (AP) that has been installed at the customer location in a basic business scheme or managed service or a service that is independent of deployment. AP according to the agreement with the location owner or customer.

And Wifi.id Extra is a special additional service for those of you who want to make wifi.id a platform for advertising and also support multimedia data storage activities online in the Cloud.

Options Value Added Service (VAS)

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1. Dashboard Venue Owner (DVO)

Platform landing page to venue redirect

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2. Welcome Page Management

Fully customizable on the Welcome Page (WP)

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3. Olive (Live Chat on SSID Customer)

Minimum 200 devices. There is already an existing AP at the AP installation location.

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4. Voucher Managed Service

Managed services for community vouchers & sponsorship vouchers

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5. iWifi

Customer profiling at SSID @ wifi.id

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6. Wifi.id X IndiBox

Wifi.id X IndiBOx is a product that provides OTT services based on Android TV Box / Smart Box devices for Wifi.id Managed Service (WMS) customers.


Advertising tailored to target users based on location, device, operating system, time of day, and user behavior. With a wide selection of ad modes according to position, size and blocking time (welcome page, landing page, banner and video) that can be tailored to the needs of the advertiser. Provides an easy, simple and fast experience when advertising.

Call 147 for subscriptions and further service information.

Wifi Digital Targeted Advertising Solution

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